Who We Are

KEBS PHA RMA LIMITED was incorporated on the 27 th of April,, 1987 .

KEBS is an indigenous multi disciplinary firm establishe d with the corporate mission of providing the most competitive pharmaceutical / healthcare products and services for the multinational oil comp anies,, government agencies,, the public and private health sector in Nigeria and the West African sub – region . Our vision is to be one of Africa’s foremost pharmaceutical companies,, combining the world class technology of our international technical partners , our knowledge base in drug manufacturing,, and the skilled marketing force,, thereby contributing to the sustained growth and development of the company,, and subsequently the Nigerian economy..

Our Vision

Our vision is for Kebs Pharma Lt d to maintain and surpass its competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing health sector . This can be achieved by constantly updating our business and medical expertise in pharmaceuticals , vaccines,, medical equipments and safety devices , as well as pioneering the u se of revolutionary medical safety products and equipments available at affordable prices.. It is our vision to be the benchmark for competitive excellence and achievement in healthcare in Nigeria’s emerging economy..


It is our goal that in the pursuit of competitive advantage,, we maintain the highest professional ethical standards,, integrity and honesty in all aspects of the company’s business with customers and clients, international partners, suppliers,, employees, government agenci es,, and the society in general.. This is buttressed by the fact that we adhere to international standards in the manufacture , procurement , distribution and supply of our products and services..


It is our goal to provide adequate training for our em ployees to meet their personal and the company’s ambitions by continuously improving their knowledge and skills base.. Proper training helps align the continuous improvement process with the company’s vision .


We constantly strive to provide our em ployees with continuing education opportunities to keep on the forefront of new advances in the medical research,, technology , manufacturing and marketing departments of the company..

Our Strategy

The company’s achievements and success is enhanced by the strategy of partnering.. Over the years,, Kebs Pharmacy Limited has partnered with some of the leading healthcare institutions and manufacturers worldwide.. The rich tradition and experience gained from such mutually beneficial relationships efficiently ensures the ti mely delivery of products and services of very high quality at affordable prices..