Our Strategic Partners

Kebs collaborates with several leading companies and are presently the sole authorized representatives of the following multi–national companies in the African sub–region:


Brief History

Bio Farma is one of the largest vaccine manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Boasting an international recognition, it is one of the few vaccines manufacturers which are pre–qualified by the World Health Organization that supplies the global market.

Since its establishment in 1890, Bio Farma has been active in the manufacture and supply of high quality vaccines,sera and other biological and diagnostic products globally.. Product supplies through UNICEF and other multinational agencies have ensured availability of the vaccines required to satisfy the immunization needs in various countries worldwide.

Product Profile

Some of the WHO prequalified Bio Farma products currently registered with NAFDAC and available in Nigeria by Kebs include:

– Monovalent Oral Polio Vaccine (MMOPV))
– Bivalent Oral Polio Vaccine (BB OPV)
– Triva lent Oral Polio Vaccine (TTOPV)
– Diptheria + Tetanus + Pertussis (DDTP) vaccine
– Tetanus Toxoid (TTT) vaccine
– Measles vaccine
– Snake Venom Anti Serum Polyvalent (EE quine)
– Anti Rabies Serum (EEquine)
– BCG vaccine *
– Pentavalent Vaccine (DDTP + Haem.. flu + Hepatitis B) *
– Rotavirus vaccine *

(*) Products currently under registration process as at time of publishing.

SARSTEDT Ag & Co.Germany

Brief History

The Sarstedt Group founded in 1961 by Walter Sarstedt develops, manufactures and sells equipments and consumables in the field of medicine and research. With a focus on the provision of safety medical and diagnostic products, Sarstedt Ag & Co. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of medical safety devices and equipments.

Product Profile

The Sarstedt Group’s range of products includes but is not limited to:

a.Consumables and analytical equipment for medical diagnostics,and consumables for use in medical patient care.

b. Consumables, laboratory aids, and laboratory equipment for industrial and research laboratories, and also for environmental analytical work.

Kebs Pharmacy & General Enterprises Limited is the regional representative of the Sarstedt Group, a position which Kebs has held since 1997. Kebs in this capacity has registered several key and innovative Sarstedt products in Nigeria. These medical and diagnostic products include:

– Enclosed blood collection devices including the S–monovette, needles and adapters, blood sedimentation devices and various accessories.

– Safety devices such as the safety–needle, safety–lancet, safety–multifly and multi–safe disposal box.

– Laboratory devices and medical equipments .


Retractable Technologies, Inc. is the manufacturer of VanishPoint safety products. VanishPoint products feature automated retraction. The needle is retracted directly from the patient into the device. Kebs pioneered the use of retractable syringes in Nigeria, and has many years of relevant industry experience in the provision of retractable syringes to the African market.

Kebs Pharmacy & General Enterprises Limited introduced, registered with NAFDAC and distributed VanishPoint products in Nigeria and the West African sub-region. However, the product was not widely accepted as a result of the perceived high economic implications, and the general non-acceptance by health workers. This resulted in the termination of the partnership by mutual consent and prompted Kebs to provide a more suitable alternative in Classic Medical Tech (SHA) Co. Ltd.


Brief History

Sol-Millennium is dedicated to the development and distribution of quality safety medical devices specifically designed to eliminate risks associated with unsafe injection practices. As a result of the emphasis on innovation, Sol-Millennium developed a more improved retractable safety syringe with interchangeable needle at affordable prices. These safety products virtually eliminate the risk of contaminated needle-stick injuries that can transmit HIV, hepatitis (B and C), and many other infectious bloodborne diseases. This offers the improved advantage of having interchangeable needles in addition to the retraction, therefore eliminating the pain felt by the patient as a result of the ‘blurred effect’ of the needle on the skin as experienced in the other model of the fixed retractable syringe.

Product Profile

There are two standard types of safety syringes available by Sol-Millennium which are registered and distributed in Nigeria by Kebs. These are the:

– Interchangeable and fixed needle retractable syringes and the

– Auto – Disable (AAD) syringe.

Both are available in the following sizes: 0.05ml, 0.5ml, 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml and 20ml.


Brief History

Laboratorios Conda was founded in 1960 as the first Spanish producer of Dehydrated Culture Media for Microbiology and Molecular Biology. The company is now internationally recognized as one of the leaders in the field and supplies key ingredients for use in research and testing, such as Agars, Peptones and Agaroses, among other products. Conda Labroatories is based in Madrid, Spain and is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of culture media for microbiology and molecular biology. Kebs has over time registered the various products of Conda with NAFDAC and is the recognized authorized distributor within the West Africa sub-region.

Product Profile

The dehydrated culture media covers all the needs of any laboratory of Microbiology within the sectors including:
– Clinical microbiology

– Food industry, lacteous, etc

– Pharmaceutical industry

– Cosmetic industry

– Biotechnology

– Molecular biology